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Why us?
At Semaphore we enjoy solving

the most complex challenges in marketing automation, personalisation and cross-media communications.

You might need to deliver highly engaging, bespoke, interactive, personalised campaigns. Or, creatively engage your customers through a complex marketing journey involving many touchpoints. You could be looking for a flexible system that thrives in the most chaotic, high volume and demanding markets. Cost reduction through easy, effective automated marketing may be your aim. Many of our clients want all of the above. This is where we come in.

We love the challenge of working with game changing clients that want to drive revenue through creating disruptive marketing production solutions.

We want to listen, deeply understand our clients needs and to use our vast production experience to advise, design and build an innovative production solutions just for them.

We only build solutions that deliver to the highest agency creative production standards, we don’t know how to work any other way.

We make client’s data more engaging, relevant and personalised by using data-driven creativity to represent the complex data world in which we live.

We make our solutions accessible to all through elegant, easy to use interface design.

Wherever possible, we want to put our users in complete operational control with no ongoing dependencies on us.

We want our users, with no production knowledge, and no matter how complex the background technology or task, to trust in our solutions and deliver amazing, professional quality communications across all media, with confidence… all at the push of a button.

Our Story

The Semaphore story starts with Richard Ballard, founder of The Electronic Studio, the first high volume digital production studio in any major UK advertising agency group. That was back in the early days of Apple Macs, for ad agency group Abbott Mead Vickers – BBDO.

Originally from a traditional agency design and production background, Semaphore’s unique vision is driven by founder and CEO, Richard Ballard’s passion for creating innovative technology solutions for the automation of the complex marketing production processes of combining creativity and data.

With major UK and international retail customers including Comet, BestBuy China and B&Q seeing huge benefits of process control and cost saving efficiencies, Semaphore developed their unique ‘Chaos Layer’ to deliver the ultimate flexibility and a personalised, automated system for producing volume digital and printed materials.

In recent years, with its clients continuously needing to react faster, drive down operating costs and become more personally engaged with their customers, Semaphore has created a new vision. A unique always-on, “single-source communications engine” that enables its clients to interact automatically with their customers, at any time, via any channel, with highly-creative, personalised and relevant communications and critically to be able to provide complete tracking and KPI accountability across all channels.

However automation alone is not enough; Semaphore’s belief is that a customer’s engagement is greatly enhanced through using interactive bespoke creative applications. This increases the relevance of the data and when combined with the power of creativity, can be visualised in ways that can be more easily consumed.

Still supporting many of their original clients, Semaphore enjoys collaborating with new customers to solve the most demanding challenges combining data and creative marketing.

Cross-media magic
Cross-media or multi-channel
marketing are both big buzz phrases.

It’s not surprising given the explosion of new media and the need develop more intimate relationships with customers that there is a lot of confusion as to what cross-media actually is.

It is the implementation of a marketing strategy that will communicate with customers across multiple print and digital channels with consistent messages that are relevant in terms of their content, presentation, timeliness and call to action, driving them to a single data point in order to engage in a personalised, relevant two-way conversation.

There are some more basic solutions that can help separately send the same message across different media, but that is simply advertising, just imagine what could happen if you could join them all up dynamically from a single source.

With Semaphore, your campaigns are transformed into individualised on-going conversations with each of your customers. The only limit is your creativity.