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We can give you the power to generate highly creative, personalised, data-driven reports
and content for any media – for print as well as screen – at the touch of a button

Whether in health, education, retail, finance or travel, the volumes of personal, operational and research data these sectors are accumulating, is already totally overwhelming and yet, the expectations of their customers to engage in a more personalised, relevant and timely way have never been higher.

With these demanding customer challenges, off-the-shelf web marketing portal solutions quickly run out of steam, often limited by either creative or operational glass ceilings, which prevent them unlocking the creative power of data.

By combining Semaphore’s bespoke development capability and advanced single source communications engine with your data, business logic and creativity, we will enable you to create publications that engage with your customers in completely new and creative ways.

Make your marketing publications available globally in any language, anytime, via e-commerce enabled bespoke web applications, where by following a few simple steps a customer can select, personalise, customise, approve, proof, order, track and optionally pay for any publication produced … all at the push of a button.

Our clients can:

  • Work with their established creative partners to design game changing marketing publications to the highest creative standards.
  • Convert them to dynamic publications by connecting them to our realtime single-source communications engine.
  • Increase customer engagement via data-driven personalisation of content, images, graphics, video, style or layout.
  • Increase relevancy via data-driven customisation, or segmentation of content to meet customer’s needs.
  • Improve content accuracy and immediacy through linking publications to realtime back-office data sources.
  • Increase customer understanding of complex concepts through realtime data visualisation into dynamic creative design elements.
  • Increase accessibility by localising web applications or publication to any language, including Chinese.
  • Create trigger actions based on publishing events such as sending sales an email containing the users contact details if a specific document was produced.
  • Remain absolutely accountable by tracking every publication produced or content segment, locally or globally in realtime.
  • Pay by the click from a range of service plans that suit you best.