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If your marketing combines volume with complexity we can help automate the process to reduce costs, speed up responsiveness
and improve branding compliance.

Developed from 30 years of retail production experience,
Semaphore’s unique ChaosLayer™ enables you to fully-automate the production of global volume, variable-data, highly-creative and complex marketing communications.

Using our ChaosLayer™ you can import product data from any content source available; quickly tailor it to their specific promotional needs; add in the latest deals and prices; and simply merge the product data with the highly-creative smart templates to publish 1000s of brand perfect items every time, or just 1… all at the push of a button.

Whether deployed at head office, or at a local store/franchise level, our unique ChaosLayer™ allows users with no production knowledge to safely take control.

This is only made possible by our bespoke advanced communications engine, which contains all the required technologies to build, deploy and track fully automated variable content production from a single source.

Our clients, including Best Buy (China), Comet and B&Q can:

  • Take complete control of the previously complex, collaborative task of administering, producing, deploying and tracking volume campaigns.
  • Produce more with less budget and resources by de-skilling the process and eliminating the artwork production task altogether.
  • Protect brand and creative standards by enabling their existing creative artworkers to produce smart templates in professional production applications with no programming expertise.
  • Increase flexibility by working with any content or data sources available.
  • Be more responsive to constantly changing market conditions, product data, competitive activity or marketing strategy.
  • Be more consistent by using our ‘dynamic content objects’ to replicate business logic and content consistently across multiple templates.
  • Be absolutely accountable by tracking every production event, locally or globally in realtime.
  • Always available from anywhere, 24 hours a day, no matter how tight the production deadline becomes.
  • Pay by the click from a range of service plans that suit you best.