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With customers expecting companies to personally and relevantly engage with them at anytime, from anywhere, across multiple channels, Semaphore has the solution that will deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Being ‘single source’ means all your personalised, multi-channel communications, whether emails, PURL landing pages, dynamic PDF documents, SMS, video can be created, hosted and deployed from one location.

With all media channels combined as one, this means that a campaign can stop being a series of separate single channel activities and become a continuous, fully automated two-way conversation, delivered in realtime, trackable across all media types and reported as a single campaign flow.

You can deliver control, accountability and ROI (Return On Investment) analysis by measuring consistently across all channels. If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it.

Using smart publishing objects, personalised data, product content, offers, images, graphics and business logic are applied consistently across all media types.

Because it is ‘always on’ you can interact with each and every customer 24 hours a day, create from anywhere, deliver to everywhere.

As well as its sheer processing power and flexibility, our engine has a unique interface we call the ChaosLayer™. This provides the glue that enables you to combine marketing data and images from any source and make them campaign ready. You can select from a range of your own creative templates and publish to any media in realtime… all at the push of a button.

By combining the data, production, distribution and hosting technologies of our award-winning partners into a single platform, our communications engine can complement any existing content management or data system, or become the multi-channel publishing powerhouse behind any web or mobile app.

It has been developed in the most challenging retail environments such as China’s Golden Week, where an ability to understand and work with chaos is what makes the difference.