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To increase your customer’s engagement, response and loyalty, we can combine your separate channel activities into a continuous, personalised and relevant two-way cross-media conversations.

At Semaphore the start point is our cloud-based interactive digital storyboard, which enables agencies, strategists, web developers, graphic designers and account managers to collaborate in the campaign planning, visualisation, build and testing of all aspects of the campaign flow in any language, from anywhere in the world.


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Once conceptualised, to ensure that there is no compromise to creativity or brand, personalised and dynamic data-driven campaign documents can be produced by your existing creative partners, using industry standard Adobe Create Suite tools.

We can expand the reach of your conversations by including Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter share links into any document, or increase the engagement level of your social media campaign by integrating your ‘Followers’ directly into your cross-media conversation.

If you need to deploy regular fully-automated, cross-media campaigns at head office, or at a local franchise level, our unique ChaosLayer™ enables users with little or no campaign management experience, to safely take complete control.

Using our unique ChaosLayer™ users can select a recipient profile; select the campaign template; adapt to the local market conditions where allowed; and initiate a fully integrated, completely accountable and measurable, cross-media campaign … all at the push of a button.

This is only made possible by our bespoke advanced communications engine, which contains all the required technologies to build, maintain, deploy and measure fully integrated multi-channel campaigns from a single source.

Our clients can:

  • Take complete control of the previously complex, collaborative task of administering, producing, deploying and tracking volume multi-channel campaigns.
  • Produce more with less budget and resources by de-skilling the process and eliminating many campaign production tasks altogether.
  • Be more responsive to constantly changing market conditions, product data, competitive activity or marketing strategy by deploying campaigns on demand, either globally, or at local store/franchise, at the click of a button.
  • Setup complex global campaigns at a single click, which ensures that everything that is required to successfully build, deploy and track the campaign just works.
  • Protect brand and creative standards by enabling your existing creative suppliers to produce highly creative, personalised campaign documents, emails, landing pages, graphics and videos in professional Adobe Creative Suite applications with no programming expertise required.
  • Import recipient data from any existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management); PIM (Product Information Management); MIS (Management Information System); Excel spreadsheet or capture it directly from campaign survey or registration form.
  • Integrate the campaign with any back office process, for example, notifying the sales department immediately that a qualified recipient has reached a pre-agreed ‘buy indicator’ touchpoint in the campaign.
  • Be more consistent by using our ‘dynamic content objects’ to replicate business logic and offers consistently across all campaign documents in multiple channels.
  • Be absolutely accountable against key performance indicators, by tracking every campaign event by touchpoint, document or any segment in realtime.
  • Be more successful by running campaigns that are more personalised, timely and relevant to their customers.
  • Always be there by allowing your customers to conduct fully automated conversations with our always-on single source communications engine.