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All our solutions are designed to
solve your individual challenges.
But to demonstrate how
we can help you, there’s three
main areas in which we create
solutions for our customers.

Personalised multi-channel
marketing automation

To increase your customer’s engagement, response and loyalty, we can combine your separate channel activities into a continuous, personalised and relevant two-way cross media conversation.

Click here to find out how BrandZ seamlessly handles its global report launches and webinar registration process.

Mess & mass

If your marketing combines volume with complexity we can help automate the process to reduce costs, speed up responsiveness and improve branding.

Click here to find out how we created a solution that transformed the way in which B&Q produces its in-store communications.

Bespoke marketing applications

We can give you the power to generate highly creative, personalised reports and content for any media – for print as well as screen – at the touch of a button.

Click here to find out how this solution works for PitchDoctor.

Key benefits of our solutions:

For all types of business, market sectors and channels we can deliver major benefits:

  • Using our proven single source communications engine,
    solutions can be build and tailored specifically to your need in under a month.
  • Reduce marketing costs through automating complex volume comms production.
  • Engage customers through interactive personalised multi-touch conversations.
  • Boost sales through better targeting.
  • Track, measure and improve effectiveness of communications.
  • Speed up the responsiveness of marketing production.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of your branding.
  • Enable creativity and design for information display.
  • Simplify the user experience for you and your team.

Take a look at our case studies or get in touch to see how
we can help.

Our Approach

Our approach and solutions are very different from other forms of personalised, automated marketing such as Web2Print and MRM systems (Marketing Resource Management).

We are not limited by off-the-shelf solutions.

First, our team takes time to understand your unique goals, challenges and customers. We’ll quickly work out the best solution and give you an estimate of costs.

Often we rapidly develop prototype systems for our clients to try out. Some clients pay us on a project basis, or for development and ongoing support. Others agree a volume fee based on cost-per-click. Because many of our projects are one-off we are happy to work with your expectations and budgets in mind.